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Continuous improvement, excellence, innovation and leadership to contribute to made in China


Become the invisible champion of the industry; Be the most trusted partner in the mainframe industry

MEGE Five Discipline

1Be principled and do things according to rules
2Take responsibility when you are in trouble, and find a way when you are in trouble
3Quality in mind and standard in work
4Waste is not big or small, and everything is economical
5There is always improvement and progress every day

MEGE Eight Attention

1Personal greed for small profits and large losses of the company
2No perseverance in life, no result in work
3Work without plan, work without method
4No quality in mind, actual damage
5No cost in mind, waste in doing things
6I don't study and work well
7Untidy, messy and poor on-site
8No gratitude in heart, much complaint in mouth

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