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Keeping improving and satisfying customers' requirements, continuing
operations enables enterprises, customers and employees to grow
together and lead the industry to contribute to Chinese manufacturing.


1. The kind of
company that we
want to be
Be committed to becoming the hidden champion of
the industry, seeking for the best not for the biggest;
be the most trusted partner in the host supporting
industry; be a respectable and conscientious-careful
social enterprise.
2. Provide this
value to this value to:
Continue to help customers improve their
3. Help employees
Personal growth, family happiness, social respect
4. For society: Create a world-class brand to Chinese manufacturing
5. For us: Learn continuously, work hard, and make
improvements continuously.


1: Customer priority, help them to success
2: Care for employees and help them to grow
3: Integrity and self-disciplined; honesty and
4: Think of more ways, less excuses.
5: Study hard and keep improving.


1: Disrespect to customers, bad service attitude
2: Settling for less, self-contented
3: Company is not making progress since individuals
do not learn
4: Bad temper, be full of complaints
5: Messy and out of order
6: Rough and careless
7: Many excuses, few ways
8: No plan or method for work
9: Give up easily, begin well but end badly
10: The company has suffered big losses due to
grabbing of petty profits by individuals

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